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✅  WiFi Router UPS: Mini UPS for wifi router provides upto 4 hours of power backup (depends on current consumption of wifi Router) to your 12V WiFi router, Broadband Modem. Mini UPS works as an inverter for WiFi router

✅  Smart UPS for WiFi Router: Mini UPS for WiFi Router having an intelligent battery management system, Mini UPS charges itself when there is electricity.

✅  Plug-N-Play: Take out the power adapter from WiFi router and insert it in the Mini UPS input female socket, connect the “OUT” of Mini UPS to your WiFi router. Note – Use additional connectors wherever required.

✅  Mini UPS is a consumer grade CE and ROHS certified. It Uses BIS Certified 3 Nos. Lithium-ion Cells (Brand: Sinohan Power Battery, Model: 18650)

✅  Supported WiFi Routers: Mini UPS for WiFi Router supports all type of 12V DC WiFi Routers, Broadband modems, Set-top box and CCTV cameras(12V-0.5A, 12V-1A, 12V-1.5A, 12V-2A, 12V-2.5A, 12V-3A).

✅  Supported all major routers like D-Link, TP-Link, Jio Fiber, Cisco, Mi, Tenda, Nokia, Asus, Linksys, airtel, BSNL, ACT, Netgear, and more.. (Before buying please ensure your WiFi router is 12V DC)

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Mini UPS for Power Backup to Router, Modem, Broadbands

Oakter Mini UPS can be used for power backup of 12V Set Top Box. It can provide uninterrupted power to your Routers, Modems, Broadbands where you can enjoy uninterrupted internet without any lag during power cuts.

Trusted by 5.8+ Lacs Indian Customers

Oakter being available in the market since 2015, we are proud to gain the trust of 5.8 Lacs+ customers across the country by serving their purposes in hard times.

Mini UPS for Power Backup to CCTVs, Baby Monitors

Oakter Mini UPS can be used for power backup of 12V CCTV or baby monitor cameras. While having a power cut cameras get turned off and also the video recording gets shut down. Mini UPS can ensure all-time power to your camera while power goes off.

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Oakter Mini UPS – A Best Experience for your Work From Home. Zero Lag in Internet

Mini UPS – Supported for all 12V WiFi Routers

Frustrated by Frequent Power Cuts?

Oakter MiniUPS ensures uninterrupted power connectivity to the 12V or 9V WiFi router during frequent power cuts and switches over to generators. Its smart mechanism seamlessly switches over to battery power once the power is cut with zero lag. It helps in providing a seamless Internet experience during online meetings, Online Classes, and many more.

Use Oakter MiniUPS to make your Work From Home a Seamless Experience, it supports all Type devices such as Wifi Routers, ADSL modems, Fiber Internet Router, etc..

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  1. Zia

    best product to carry on trips

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