Smart Plus Technology

Smart Plus Technology is 7 year old company which sell unique product on security system. It is a one stop solution of electronics devices for your home and shop. 



Smart plus Technology is the premier electronic Product Development Company Smartplus was established to help companies design and manufacture quality electronic products worldwide. We serve original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other manufacturing firms with a total solution that extends far beyond traditional Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). Our specialty is in microcontroller-based products.

We know the importance of being price competitive without foregoing quality. We’ve realized early on that the only way to truly leverage manufacturing is to design and develop electronic products here using cost effective components. But not every company has a core competence in electronic design or manufacturing—and this is where we excel. Companies entrust their complete development project to us, leaving them free to focus on what they do best: coming up with innovative new products and introducing them into the market.

Through Smart Plus Technology we provide security to shops and homes across the country, as well as provide business to people, we believe in saving theft and giving a chance to live your dreams.

Company Founder

Mr. Prashant Kumar Gupta & Mr. Satyam Gupta

With over one decade of professional wisdom in the B2C & B2B Business sphere, an Engineer, having worked hard , Prashant ventured on his own creative journey. His love for form and structure, gives him an eye to envision new possibilities for Smart Plus Technology. Each innovation unveils the finesse and sophistication he has acquired over the years.


Pulled deeper into the world of wanderlust, Prashant always craved to explore more. The vigor and spirit in his craft comes from his love for design innovation. His inquisitive creativity, his technical knowledge and an eye for detail is what he adds into the designs for Smart Plus Technology.


His vision is to thoughtfully create unique and expressive products that standout on each individual. This encourages him to constantly observe the creativity around him and harness his natural understanding of the arts.

SMart Plus Technology's Certifications

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