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✅  Ultra bright flashlight

✅  Lightweight and durable

✅  Safe to Carry

✅  Extreme stopping power

✅  Small Size/ Lots of Power

✅  Built tough and ready when you need it most

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  • Bling is Instantaneous. The charge is quick to have an effect when in contact with the body.
  • Its compact design makes it easily transportable – at a height of 11cm, it’ll fit right into any type of bag with no difficulty!
  • The product is designed to be discreet and look like a makeup accessory
  • Boasts a standby battery backup of 30 hours and is rechargeable.
  • A fully charged stun gun can generate up to 50 electric shock pulses of 3.8 million volts each
  •   The flashlight is powerful and can be used independently as a source of light.
  • The Bling is designed to be concealed and disguises as an everyday object.
  • The Bling is legally permissible as a self-defence tool and can be carried on one’s person as long as it is allowed in the city/ state 

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Staying true to its name, the Bling Lipstick Stun Gun is a beautifully designed and crafted close-proximity self-defense weapon that can stop attackers with an electric pulse of 3.8 million volts. Although not lethal, a few milliseconds of this voltage is enough to stop attackers dead in their tracks 

Designed to look like an everyday lipstick, the Bling cleverly blends into your makeup kit or handbag until required for defense. Acting as a flashlight as well as a stun gun, the Bling makes perfect use of its compact size to pack a punch of 3.8 million volts into the lipstick casing. 

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