LED Photo print rotating Lamp S-5011

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Customized LED Photo print rotating Table wooden Lamp – 5 photos
Color: black
Model: S -5011

About this item
  • Wooden Material Shade Personalized Table Lamp with Customized Photos
  • 13.5 x 13.5 x 22.5 Centimeters Customized Photo Table Lamps with Photo
  • These are Home Plug Corded Electric Rotating Glossy Table Lamps with Personalized Photos in which Bulb, Light Kit, Wooden Black Colored Shade and a 121 CM wire is already Included, You need not to Assemble this, it is Ready to Use Customized Photo Table Lamp Cube which is seen great when it rotates.


How to customize?

Its pretty simple. Upload your five selected pictures and our team will send you the preview before production. On your approval, your handcrafted premium finish personalized lamp will be soon moved into printing.

What makes it special?

Conventional photo frames are even beautiful. But a photo lamp is not just beautiful but it’s useful as a night lamp. It is a product which will be used by the recipient every night. This gives the personalized lamp a great edge over regular photo frames. Unlike a regular photo frame which only is there on a wall, a photo lamp will have a day to day interaction with a user.

Imagine waking up midnight. It is dark and you are alone. You reach out to the switchboard and click on one of them.

A picture of your kids smiling at you radiate in front of your eyes from a bedside table lamp. You click a small switch on the lamp and it starts rotating.

As it rotates, you see some of the best spent moments from your life in front of you. A wedding picture of you and your partner followed by a just born picture of your toddler. What a feeling would be that?

Experience yourself or gift to a beloved the same joy. Personalized with five pictures, this Nostalgia photo lamp will probably be the best birthday or anniversary present that one can think of.

The lamp is made out of acrylic and prints are laminated from above, giving them a long life. The light used inside is an LED which makes the product further durable.

Why photo lamps?

Adding light behind any graphic enhances its feel multi-fold. One can observe that from a fact that most of the road hoardings today are backlit. The light from behind enhances the colours and make the graphic come out better. Pictures are full of colours. Hence when light is given behind them, the visual feel of the memory elevates.

This Photo Lamp is the perfect gift for expressing your never-ending love for your special someone! Memories of special moments, days, occasions etc. can be beautifully put on the lamp which rotates. Keep it in your living room or bedroom and always have those moments in front of your eyes.

Birthdays are an occasion to relive memories of the whole year. A personalized lamp that would cherish all those memories would be a good birthday gift. Customized with 5 pictures, this is an acrylic photo lamp. It completely changes the interpretation of a regular photo frame with two of its unique elements:

1) Light: Light behind the pictures make them radiate. The colours in the photos get enhanced. The shiny skin tones make feel of the memory special. Also, it makes the product useful as a night lamp. Hence not just a showpiece, but a utility product which the recipient will look at every night.

2) Rotation: There is a revolving mechanism given in this photo gift which presents memories one after other. This photo cube hence is motion and gives a dynamic edge to this customized gift.

The acrylic lamp is not as fragile as glass. All of this makes this lamp a product that will keep bringing smiles to the recipient for a long time to come. May it be a birthday or anniversary, this is a present which celebrates memories.


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1 Review Write a review
  1. Navjot walia

    This Product is good accessories for my room

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